I love recipe development because it is an opportunity for me to take all of my creative energy and focus it on one singular dish. A dish that then in turn gets prepared by someone else who shares it with someone else and ultimately creates a very interesting sort of ripple effect of people that got to experience something that I created. Inspiration for creating recipes can hit at any moment, sometimes its triggered by a color, taste, or image.


After launching two successful product lines and having recipes featured on different websites and magazines, I am now casting a wider net to work with more businesses, websites and magazines to create more creative content. I can develop signature recipes involving your food product and help you develop a new product to bring to market. Please contact me to discuss a possible collaboration on your recipe and product needs. 


Lauren Conrad // Chalkboard Magazine // Refinery 29 // Kitchy Kitchen // Bolthouse Farms // 1915 Organic // Garden Fresh Gourmet