Natural food chef.

Hello! My name is Marlene Bernstein and I am the face behind, Chef Marlene Bernstein. When I am not in the kitchen developing new recipes, you can find me exploring new ingredients to play with at the farmers markets, indulging in the Los Angeles food scene, or throwing an epic dinner party. As a chef, I am classically trained in French cuisine but I get much of my inspiration from Californian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. 

Over the course of the past eight years, I have immersed myself in the local Los Angeles food scene as the chef and owner of my company, Savour This Kitchen. We've catered large and small events, developed a line of vegan gluten-free sauces and dressings and launched our paleo spice blend line. Most recently, I have launched a boutique catering company under my own name, Chef Marlene Bernstein, that caters to both corporate clients and private clients. 


passion driven. taste inspired.

Food is a universal language. We all speak it. You can say thank you, I love you, or I'm sorry with a single bite. It can be soft spoken or bold. It has the ability to comfort the heart and ignite the soul. Most importantly it is the foundation of the home. When I decided to start cooking professionally, I wanted to take all those conversations, memories and flavors that have been exchanged around my kitchen table and share them with everyone. It was around this kitchen table that I learned about the importance of making things from scratch and it is certainly something that I practice today.